Taking Advantage of Product Personalization with Sandcarving

Increase your ROI with personalized products

Before the rise of the personalization industry, product personalization meant searching a souvenir shop for a key ring with your name on it. If you were lucky, maybe they even had custom magnets. And if you were really lucky, your name would actually be there. However, that has changed with the rise of e-commerce sites and a wider variety of product personalization options.

What is product personalization?

Product personalization is any product that is altered according to your customer’s wishes. Anything from a pen to a shirt to a car can be personalized and there are many ways to do it. Techniques such as embroidery, engraving, screen printing, hand painting, stamping, sublimation, decals, computer graphics, and many more are used to customize products for customers.

Why offer personalized products

Customers who have the ability to personalize their products tend to be more engaged, purchase more often, and spend more money and time per visit than those who can’t customize their products. There are many benefits to being able to offer personalized products to your customers.

1. Stay relevant

The personalization market is not just a passing trend. It is here to stay. As the options for personalized products increase, customers are buying more and more personalized, custom gifts every year. The ability to add a name, date, logo, or any other custom design that adds a personal touch to an item is very appealing. Stay relevant in today’s expanding e-commerce personalization industry by offering this service to your customers.

2. Stand out in the crowd

Don’t just be another e-commerce store that sells the same items as everyone else. Stand out in the crowd by offering product personalization.

3. Customer loyalty

By offering personalized products, you will build both customer trust and customer loyalty. First, the customer is likely to spend more time engaging with your website or company as they go through the design process. Then, when they receive their personalized gift or product and like it, they are more likely to come back and shop for more personalized products in the future.

4. Increase your ROI

Customized products have a higher perceived value than non-customized products, plain and simple. On top of that, sandcarving has a higher perceived value than other methods of customization. When you custom engrave a glass with sandcarving, the customer is willing to pay more, thus increasing your ROI.

Sandcarving and the personalization industry

Sandcarving gives you the ability to custom engrave items such as barware, glassware, awards, powder coated tumblers, ornaments, picture frames, flasks, jewelry boxes, wine bottles, and any other item that can be etched.


Mikaela Hernesman

IKONICS Corporation

Mikaela Hernesman is the marketing manager for IKONICS Corporation, a Duluth, Minnesota-based imaging technology company. Mikaela joined IKONICS in 2018 as inside sales for IKONICS Imaging and event coordinator for all IKONICS divisions. She assisted as inside sales for Chromaline in 2019. In her current role, her primary duties include producing content, managing digital marketing efforts, and growing the IKONICS brand.

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