Why is it necessary for a business to market itself?

Marketing is the catalyst for sales. Without marketing, no one will know what you have to sell, who you are as a business, or where to find you. Marketing alerts you to what products to make, and how many of them. It tells you when to ship, and creates lasting and valuable relationships between yourself and your clients.

Marketing identifies what is valuable to your target market, and makes it possible for you to expand. Marketing helps you analyze new customer’s wants and needs into segments, age groups, industries, genders, etc. to position you to make better decisions. It is responsible for coordinating different aspects of supply and demand, such as designing, promoting, pricing, and distribution.

It is involved in design to help you exceed your customer’s expectations while remaining within their price range. It impacts your promotions by helping you catch and hold your customer’s attention, and it works with distribution to ensure that your advertising and promotion reach their target markets.

Marketing impacts your supply chain as you all work together to share data, make forecasts, and coordinate shipments so you can provide significant value to the end-user. It also provides your potential consumers with access to your products and services and gives them information about what you offer. It can also help ensure that their needs are being met for an acceptable price with reasonable guarantees and return policies (if applicable). It happens in friendly, comfortable, and convenient places to make their lives easier.

Kirk Harris

Kirk Harris

Kirk Harris currently serves as president of Atlanta-based Kaptain Kirk Clothing Co. Harris' love of apparel began with retail in the late '90s and in 2006 he founded his first clothing line. In 2012 his journey led him to apparel decoration and in 2014 he settled into his current position. He's reachable at [email protected], 404-396-7171, or linkedin.com/in/KaptainKirk.

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