I’m launching a new product soon. What can I do to stand out and gain interest?

Be different. Do something unusual as part of the launch initiative. Some examples include creating a funny video, doing a stunt centered around an industry event, publishing a survey that supports the value of your product, or creating an interesting infographic that describes the need for your product.

Another great method for creating interest is to create educational information about the release. Some products have great value but are often difficult to explain to the masses. For example, many decorators see the value in adding laser etching as a new product but are unsure of how to present the concept to the end user. A video showing the technique and the result can help drive that message to the target audience.

—Hirsch Solutions Inc

Ed Levy, Hirsch Solutions Inca

Ed Levy

Ed Levy is an industry veteran and director of software technologies at Hirsch Solutions.

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