How often should an awards and engraving business market to an audience?

Approach every key client and target prospect and ask them directly how often and by what medium they prefer to be contacted. See if the responses form a trend. Then, you can determine how much contact and how frequently is effective for that individual customer.

For those that don’t express a preference, decide on a default frequency strategy for the different types of customer. Most research indicates that a frequency of less than three within a year is a waste of money, and more than seven starts to wear people’s patience thin and diminish returns. It’s likely that the majority of clients should be contacted between six and eight times during the year – but not everyone at the same six to eight times.

To avoid frustration, make sure you have opt-in and opt-out choices for your email and text recipients. That way, you put the power in their hands to decide what works for them.

-Vince DiCecco, Your Personal Business Trainer

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