How do I know if I’m ready to add D2 printing to my shop’s offerings?

Every shop is different. Small runs with higher price points are perfect for D2 printing. If you sell garments at low prices, then D2 is not the right choice. If you are looking for higher markup with low volume or your customers want more expressive or colorful prints, then D2 is a great fit. Successful D2 owners typically print around 50 shirts per day at retail prices of $15-$25 per garment.


Jerid Hill ColDesi

Jerid Hill

Jerid Hill has been a thought leader in the DTG industry pursuing new technologies for better quality and output. Jerid serves as the DTG product manager for ColDesi Inc. You can rely on Jerid's unique perspective in the garment industry, focusing on the end user's experience. He has extensive technical knowledge of DTG printing, as well as details and tips for preparing artwork, pretreating garments, expert level tips, and best overall practices for the garment printing realm.

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