How can shops create more business opportunities with ADA signage?

Small shops can stay busy by supplying tactile exit signs and restroom signs for businesses that don’t have many offices. The tactile signs can then be supplemented with non-tactile informational signs and directional signs, and decals with the International Symbol of Accessibility (ISA).

However, if you want to design really attractive signs and move beyond blue and white standardization, you need to learn more about the dos and don’ts of ADA sign design and expand beyond already-finished materials.

Keep reading about the required fonts and formatting for ADA signage.

Sharon Toji, ADA Sign Products

Sharon Toji

Sharon, also known as The ADA Sign Lady, is the president of ADA Sign Products, as well as a consultant for the company. She's authored a manual, “Signs and the ADA,” and began her journey in ADA signage in 1980.

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