How can shops gain knowledge from each other without spilling secrets to direct competitors?

Reach out to a similar business in a different region. People like to discuss their business. They enjoy sharing what works and what doesn’t work. They also like to hear from other business owners in a similar field to learn what works and doesn’t work for them.

Issues arise when two shops are in the same region and viewed as competition. Naturally, you don’t want to share your business ideas or concerns with a competitor, and many people within the same area are considered the competition. Reach out to your machine distributor and ask for a few customer names who are not in your region or competing for the same business. Also, ask for the names of customers who would be most receptive to engaging in a discussion.

—Hirsch Solutions Inc.

Ed Levy, Hirsch Solutions Inca

Ed Levy

Ed Levy is an industry veteran and director of software technologies at Hirsch Solutions.

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