How can I better my product photography? Part Five: basic editing


Most professional graphic designers use Photoshop to edit and touch up images; however, many inexpensive mobile device apps and even free suites will adjust your cropping, exposure, sharpness, contrast, and color.

Taking a closer look at the image on a screen may reveal scratches or dust that went unnoticed during the photography session. Take time to remove these if your application has photo editing and/or repairing tools. Photoshop offers several options such as the Clone Stamp and Patch tools. There are plenty of online tutorials to help new users with editing tricks.

-Brad Wass, Gyford StandOff Systems

Brad Wass

Brad Wass is a Digital Media Artist at Gyford StandOff Systems. He has worked in the company's graphics and marketing department for over eight years, specializing in photography and video. 

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