How can decorators increase traffic to their e-commerce sites?

Keeping your social media accounts active tells the public you’re alive and working, and this also includes the internet robots. Today’s internet requires a living, breathing social media presence. But it has to suit your daily schedule.

A simple method of consistently telling the online world that you’re there and active each day takes just a few minutes at a time if you’re on top of your game. Here is a daily suggestion for social media.

Create awareness

7:00 a.m.: “Good Morning!” Attach an image that might make your audience happy. Include something related to your products/services when it fits. A simple picture of a sunrise attached to a “good morning” message at least says something to your followers as well as the robots. This makes the internet aware that you’re up and running for the day.

Create interest

11:30 a.m.: A mobile phone snap of what you have going on in production with a short description can be a quick and exciting update to your social media accounts, and takes about the same amount of time it does to order a pizza for lunch. Again, this lets your followers know things are happening, and the robots know you’re alive.

Create decision

3:00 p.m.: Now that you have the attention of the internet, promote a new product or remind followers how they can subscribe to your email newsletters. Get something business related out there for people to think about.

Call to action

5:30 p.m.: The time everyone is checking in on their social media accounts at the end of the day. Send them to a “buy now” or “order today” landing page. Call on them to take an action of some sort to convert them into leads and sales.

Considering it only takes 3-5 minutes to post these simple messages to your accounts, you’ve spent less than a half hour throughout the day keeping your accounts active, alive, and working for your online presence.

—Rags to Stitches

Kelly Ragland

Kelly Ragland

Kelly "Rags" Ragland is owner and operator of Rags to Stitches Productions, a holistic advertising-specialty company providing a range of services including web design and development.

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