How can business owners better manage and work with millennials and Generation Z?

It’s interesting to note that millennials would typically choose workplace flexibility, work/life balance, and the opportunity for an overseas assignment over financial rewards. If you find that the majority of the people in your employ are millennials and/or Gen Z workers take a moment to answer these next questions:

  1. When you have to dole out salary adjustments, are they incrementally small (a few cents an hour) based mostly on the increased cost of living?
  2. Do you express appreciation for job effort with a casual “thank you” and a pat on the back often?
  3. Do you assign challenging jobs to people hoping they will learn as they go?
  4. Do you allow the workplace to be disorganized, cluttered, or dirty?
  5. Do you share-verbally or behaviorally-your stress of running the business with your employees?
  6. Do you find yourself answering questions with “because I said so”?
  7. Do you look the other way when staff members exhibit unacceptable or questionable behavior?
  8. Do you solicit and then generally ignore employees’ opinions and ideas?
  9. Do you skip giving regular, somewhat formal performance reviews because there isn’t time?
  10. Do you tend to micromanage most aspects of your business?

On the surface, answering yes doesn’t seem that inappropriate, but these are the things managers do that drive younger employees crazy and have them thinking about working elsewhere.

—Your Personal Business Trainer

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