How can a shop promote teamwork?

A shop can implement a teamwork environment when management actively implements a team environment.

Let’s begin with their attire.  Now, I do realize that everyone is an individual, has their own style, etc. However, the more a group of people dresses as one the more they will think and act as one.

Start using team style language. By addressing a group of people as a team, they will constantly be receiving verbal reinforcement that keeps them aware that they are a team.

Treat them like a team. Yes, you will have individuals that stand out and they should be acknowledged, but when the team wins everyone should feel like they won and played a role in that success. When something goes wrong they should share that as well. If you build a team environment, your staff will start taking on more of the characteristics of a team.

You may also want to consider interceding a little by pulling people together, especially from different departments, to work on a project or get lunch with the crew. Teammates that spend time together are better positioned to be able to work together, and starting small can be a great way to begin.

Also, making a public display of things when employees do work together shows your staff you’re proud, their efforts are appreciated, you’ve taken notice, and you want everyone to see. Public applause and appreciation can be very inspiring, and don’t ever the forget the age-old philosophy of rewarding the behavior you want to encourage.

Here’s to working together!

—Kaptain Kirk Clothing Co.

Kirk Harris

Kirk Harris

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