Feel, Felt, Found: A technique to overcome sales objections

Many times, small business owners, or even professional sales representatives, reach the end of a sales cycle and run into objections that feel like a price or cost objection.

From my experience, I have found that a pricing or cost objection is not actually an interest in a lower price, but it is actually an issue of a lack of perceived value. To overcome this sales objection, make sure that you thoroughly explain the product’s value, and help them find a perceived value before lowering the price.

Make sure to fully listen to the customer throughout the sales cycle. During that process, they will explain their interest in your product or service. If you truly listen, you can find the key to their value indicator.

Try using a technique called Feel, Felt, Found. First, empathize with them, explaining that you understand how they feel in their objection. Then, tell them about somebody who felt the same way. Finally, recount how that other customer found your products to be of value to them.

-Aaron Montgomery, 2 Regular Guys, MontCo Consulting

Aaron Montgomery

Aaron Montgomery

Our Success Group

Aaron Montgomery is certified by New York Times best-selling author Jack Canfield as a Success Principles Trainer and has nearly 30 years of experience providing essential support to small businesses. His company, Our Success Group, assists with setting and reaching goals, creating a solid business plan, knowing their numbers for a better pricing strategy, and establishing a customer-focused approach while devising a targeted marketing strategy. He is the author of the business foundation book ‘The FUNdamentals of Business Success.’ He is the Co-Founder of a facilitated 6-month Mastermind collective called Radical Goal-Getters. You can also find him hosting a weekly show called Small Business Saturdays and co-hosting the 2 Regular Guys Podcast.

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