Environmental and Branded Graphics in the Workplace

Create a destination where employees want to work and clients want to visit

In the new workspace of the future, open space, color, form, texture, and yes, signage and graphics will create an atmosphere that is unique to the corporation. When all these elements come together, it will create a destination where employees want to work and clients want to visit. This can be achieved through environmental and branded graphics.

A place for environmental and branded graphics

I had the opportunity to talk to John Elvington (owner) and Brent Cobb (senior corporate business developer) with Modulex Carolinas about trends they are seeing in the corporate world for signage and graphics. Modulex Carolinas is a large architectural signage firm that specializes in interior and exterior signage programs for multi-family, school, and corporate facilities.

Charlotte, North Carolina, is a progressive, growing, and evolving city that has many national corporate headquarters that were hit hard during the pandemic, and these corporations are working creatively to attract workers back to the office after working mostly remote for the last couple of years.

“Corporate management of the businesses is trying to instill their brand to not only employees but to visitors as well. They want to promote an inspirational tagline to display. That is often with graphics,” Cobb mentions.

“Getting employees back not only reminds them where they’re working and what their core values are, but it also gives them some incentive,” he continues. “While at the workplace, they see these branded graphics on the wall, it reminds them and reinforces the company image and philosophy.”

“There is also a movement for more icons and visual cues,” Elvington adds. “Not necessarily tied to branding, you’re just creating these cool-looking graphics that define the area, whether it’s a break room, a cafeteria, or a sitting area.”

It was pointed out that the graphics portion of the new corporate world will depend on if the home offices are in a standalone location or a shared tenant building. In multitenant situations, you can’t have one brand overwhelming the other tenants. However, these areas still have great graphic potential, but more of an environmental graphics theme as compared to a standalone headquarters where branding stands loud and proud. Here you will find new areas of shared collaboration.

Wall coverings provide neutral yet inviting graphics. The use of new digital directories can direct visitors to their destination and allow employees to find the closest places to catch lunch. You will also find more inviting cafeteria areas that offer coffee, snacks, and soft drinks so employees will feel comfortable taking a break in-house rather than battling traffic for lunch or that mid-morning and mid-afternoon reset time.

Learn more about environmental and branded graphics in Reimagining Workspaces in a Post-Pandemic World.

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