Creating Quality Promotional Items

One approach for creating a quality, unique promotional product is to let it tell a story

One approach for creating a quality, unique promotional product is to let it tell a story that generates a call-to-action on the part of the user. The sublimated mouse pad seen below has several key elements that make it a winner:

  1.  It’s a usable product, which means it has longevity and visibility in the hands of the user.
  2. The Sally Anne’s logo has a prominent location that allows the brand to be emphasized.
  3. There is a picture of the company’s top-selling product, which defines Sally Anne’s primary business.
  4. That same picture should trigger the user to feel hungry when stared at for long periods of time.
  5. Once the user feels hungry, he can see the printed list of top selling food items.
  6. He can then order online or by phone, both of which are printed on the menu.

This product fulfills two needs: more sales and the end-user gets a need fulfilled.
Think about it this way. What if you only put their logo and nothing else? The impact would be far different. One of the simplest ways to accomplish this is to utilize a picture whenever possible.


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