Caution: Avoid insincere apologies to customers

Has someone ever said to you, "I'm sorry you feel that way?"

I cringe when I hear any company with whom I do business with mindlessly utter, I’m sorry you feel that way, sir, and then make no attempt whatsoever to show remorse or make it right.

Never apologize for the way someone else feels, but sincerely apologize for what your company did, said, or failed to do to evoke the emotion. You can empathize or offer remorse, but it should be expressed carefully.

Consider these alternatives:

  • Ask for forgiveness and wait for an answer. When one says, “I am truly sorry this has happened, and I hope you can forgive us for the error,” it puts the onus of pardon on the client.
  • If the injured party is still reeling or not in the forgiving mood, tell them that you understand and can be patient with them, but will ask again later to resolve the issue, gain closure, and try to mend and strengthen the relationship. In the meantime, offer to make things right to show good faith.

-Vince DiCecco, Your Personal Business Trainer

vince dicecco

Vince DiCecco

Your Personal Business Trainer

Vince is a dynamic seminar speaker and author with a unique perspective on business development and management subjects, primarily in the decorated- and promotional-apparel industries. With 20+ years of experience in sales, marketing and training, he is an independent consultant to businesses looking to profit and sharpen their competitive edge.

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