Aside from price, what other variables can be adjusted when negotiating with a customer?

Many inexperienced negotiators think that the price is the only variable that can be adjusted. That is furthest from the truth. Along with the quoted price could be a trade-out of goods and services. Deliverables can vary by quantity, quality, the scope of services, specifications, substituting used for new materials, and the amount of technical support or training that comes with the product. You can also alter terms and conditions as well. Items such as adjusting delivery dates, inventory or warehousing considerations, alternative packaging or shipping means, performance guarantees or replacement of defective materials, payment terms, volume rebates, and length of the contract, are just a few terms and conditions variables to consider.

   —Your Personal Business Trainer


Allee Bruce

Allee Bruce is the managing editor for GRAPHICS PRO magazine, aiding with the publication's digital and print efforts.

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