6 Questions a Good Communicator Asks Themselves

With all the ways to communicate today, we don't stop long enough to consider the best vehicle to transmit our selling and marketing messages.

When a thought pops into your head and the need arises to share it with another, a good communicator quickly assesses six important issues:

  • What do I want the other person to know?
  • How will the other person feel about the info, or what do I want them to feel?
  • What do I want or expect the other person to do?
  • How much time do I have to deliver the message?
  • How important is it that I get a response or receive new information?
  • How likely is it that the words may be misinterpreted if I don’t use the right tone and/or nonverbal signals?

-Vince DiCecco, Your Personal Business Trainer

How can managers redirect conversations with their staff to effectively solve problems?

vince dicecco

Vince DiCecco

Your Personal Business Trainer

Vince is a dynamic seminar speaker and author with a unique perspective on business development and management subjects, primarily in the decorated- and promotional-apparel industries. With 20+ years of experience in sales, marketing and training, he is an independent consultant to businesses looking to profit and sharpen their competitive edge.

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