5 Top Sellers You Can Add Now to Grow Your Sublimation Business

Explore hard surface items and discover their profitability

Making masks and T-shirts may be the main reason you got into sublimation, but you can quickly grow your business by selling hard surface products that complement your product line using the equipment you already own. Here are five of the top-selling hard surface items that online retailers and gift shop owners are offering that you can too.

  • Coasters: Hardboard coasters are an easy sell in a set of four. Package them with a holder, twine, or ribbon, with names, monograms, sayings, or photos on them. Typically, these are sold for $20-$25 for a set of four and work great as a bundle item with dish towels, mugs, and other home products.
  • Metal Prints: Nothing can compare to the vibrancy and image detail reproduced on a metal print. Popular sizes include 5″ X 7″, 8″ X 10″, and 11″ X 14″ and can be sold with an easel or a hanger for desktop or wall display. The most common finish sold is a gloss with a white base, but there are textured, semi-gloss, and matte finishes to choose from, and some have a clear metal base. Pricing ranges from $15-$70 depending on the size and type of image, adding a dynamic range for profitability.
  • Ornaments: Popular during the holidays for photos and designs, ornaments come in a wide variety of shapes in metal, wood, and other substrates. Sublimate on one or both sides, for anywhere from $10-$15 or more depending on the size.
  • Pet Tags: Today, people spend more money on their pets with personalized beds, bowls, collars, mats, and even clothing available. Pet tags are easy to sell because they can be customized on one or both sides and sold for around $5-$12. Pair a tag with a sublimated bandana, collar, leash, or other related items for the perfect bundle.
  • Bag Tags: Add photos and designs to tags that help identify belongings such as luggage, duffels, instruments, backpacks, and more. From company logos to school mascots, custom tags are a great way to add personality and brand identity to a functional product. These sell anywhere from $7-$25 and can be offered as singles or sold in sets for traveling couples or families.

Once you’ve decided on what products to add to your line, familiarize yourself with the sublimation process for hard surfaces as you have with fabrics. Ask your distributor if there are any helpful tools or tricks they recommend to use with your equipment and the products you’re adding. Finally, be sure to let your customers know what products you’re now offering by featuring them on your website, in your shop, and on social media.

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