16 Questions to Ask a Client Before Starting a Logo Design

The value of the logo design question and answer process is simply getting your client to open up

These are questions that your client may not know all the answers to, and that’s OK. The real value of the question and answer process is simply getting your client to open up and talk about their business, their hopes, dreams, goals, ambitions, and their emotionally or financially driven passions for their new business.

Logo design interview questions

  1. Have you ever hired someone to design a logo?
  2. If it went well, why aren’t you using that designer again?
  3. If the process was less than optimal, what happened?
  4. What lessons did you learn from that experience?
  5. What is the most unique benefit of your service/product?
  6. Why is that benefit important for your customer?
  7. How often does your customer use your service/product?
  8. What are the reason(s) your customer is your customer?
  9. What forms of marketing/advertising do you feel work best?
  10. Which advertising brings in the most sales/customers?
  11. How much effort is placed on social media advertising?
  12. Do you have an in-house designer for that?
  13. Describe your ideal customer – and why?
  14. What is the economic profile of that customer?
  15. Is the average customer “all business” or “fun and games”?
  16. Describe their compliments and/or complaints?

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Matt Charboneau

Matt Charboneau

Matt Charboneau (shar-bo-no) started his career in the sign industry in 1985 as Charboneau Signs. He initially focused on hand-lettered signs, windows, and vehicles while also providing logo design and graphics. As years passed, he expanded into the world of electric monument signs, combining his eye for graphic design with his mechanical aptitude. He utilized the internet to provide his design services to sign companies around the country, providing remote assistance with design, fabrication, and installation drawings of all types of electric signage. In 2007, he became a contributing writer and the technical advisor for monument signs at SDG magazine. In 2017 he published the Pre-Sale Sign Survey Field Guide. In 2019, he started Storm Mountain Signs and the Sign Design Institute, which offers design training for new sign designers. He is reachable at or 970-481-4151.

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