Hydrokon, known for their advanced water transfer film, is proud to be a U.S. manufacturer/supplier to the hydrographics industry. Made in the USA, but competitively advantaged to other blank films manufactured abroad, we offer high quality and easy-to-use products for hydrographic professionals around the globe! Now Offering consumers a new avenue to complete customization, Hydrokon exhibits consistent performance from dip to dip. This special film's built-in fluorescent black light indicator for PVA removal; in addition to its clear, non-water soluble polyester backing that helps users visualize their final dip before application, is revolutionizing the basic process of hydro dipping.

Considering a new path for graphics printing? Look no further than hydro dipping. Reach out to our technical staff today to find out more. Dip it real good with this unique graphics application method.

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Hydrokon Water Transfer Film is the only customizable hydrographic film made in the USA. Engineered to transfer digital printing to complex-shaped substrates with minimal distortion.

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