Stretch Devices Inc

Stretch Devices Inc is the inventor and manufacturer of the Newman Roller Frame, the original fully retensionable screen-printing frame. For almost 50 years, Stretch Devices has continuously provided products to the screen-printing industry nationally and globally with a focus on improving the quality and efficiency of the smallest- to the largest-scale printing facilities. The company has built its reputation on approximately 50 inventions patented in the U.S. and internationally and its unceasing efforts to educate and improve the industry as a whole.

Products & Services

Retensionable Newman Roller Frames, from 9 to 50'. All applications: textile, graphics, electronics, industrial. High-quality and durable Newman ST Tension Meter, Newman Roller Mesh, Roller Master pneumatic stretching table, pin registration.

Nature of Business



3401 I St Ste 1
Philadelphia, PA 19134-1469


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