Xaar Opens New Inkjet Printing Lab in China

The laboratory will focus on providing a variety of services to its customers and partners in China

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Xaar announces the opening of an inkjet printing laboratory in Shenzhen, China, comprising print head test equipment and print process experimentation platforms. Utilizing its own print heads, ink recirculation system, and fluids, the company plans to collaborate with leading local electronics companies to achieve synergy across the industry supply chain.

The laboratory will focus on providing a variety of services to its customers and partners in China, including scientific research institutions. According to the company, services will include support in areas such as sample printing, solution development, print head nozzle status detection, and waveform adjustments for new applications.

Sectors supported will include ceramics, glass, PCB, textiles, 3D printing, packaging, and labels. The laboratory will also provide local inkjet printing support to help customers develop more targeted application solutions and achieve faster innovation cycles while reducing their R&D investment.

“We are delighted to establish our Inkjet Printing Lab and provide an enhanced development platform for all our customers and partners in China,” says COO Graham Tweedale. “Xaar’s industry-leading technology and products, market-proven solutions, and technical support will be fully utilized to better serve our customers, meeting the needs of an extensive range of users to achieve greater cooperation and a ‘win-win’ for us all.”

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