Xaar Announces Growth Plan, New Brand Identity

Xaar logo
Xaar logo

Xaar, an inkjet printing technology group, outlines a new strategy to return to sustainable long-term growth. Alongside this, Xaar launches the ImagineX bulk print head platform and unveils a new brand identity.

According to Xaar, innovation and collaboration with its global partners are at the heart of this new identity. This, combined with a focus on sectors where Xaar bulk print head technology has a competitive advantage, provides a product roadmap for the company.

Xaar has invested around $90 million in R&D in recent years, which it says had been critical to developing the ImagineX bulk platform.

In addition to the ImagineX print head platform, which delivers new product capabilities, the company announces new branding to emphasize its renewed focus on product development and growth, with a clear “go-to-market” strategy based around collaboration with its global partners. A new website at highlights Xaar’s products, focusing on the value and capabilities of its print heads and services.

John Mills, CEO of Xaar, comments, “Xaar has led innovation in inkjet technologies over the last 30 years. ImagineX will power this for the next 30 and provide the basis for the next significant chapter in our history, enabling industries and our OEMs to push the boundaries of what’s possible with powerful, reliable, and efficient inkjet technology.”

“This partnership approach, combined with the expertise of our committed, creative and passionate team of world-class colleagues, will allow us to further demonstrate the huge capabilities of inkjet technology and create a world where if you can imagine it, you can print it. In this way, we will help to transform entire industries,” adds Mills.

Mills will present Xaar’s vision at the FuturePrint Virtual Summit on Tuesday, Oct. 13, at 10 a.m. ET. The session, titled Xaar: The New Roadmap for Inkjet, is open to all.

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