WAVIT Acquires Women of Digital Signage

Women of Digital Signage is a women’s organization dedicated to growth in the world of digital signage

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Women of AV/IT (WAVIT), a non-profit designed to empower women, has acquired Women of Digital Signage, a women’s organization dedicated to promoting networking, mentoring, and personal growth.

“We are thrilled to announce that Women of Digital Signage is now a part of Women in AV/IT,” says Andrea Varrone, director of strategic accounts at Creative Realities and co-founder of Women of Digital Signage. “Partnering with WAVIT will give a much-needed resurgence to the Women of Digital Signage and provide the group with even more resources.”

Women of Digital Signage will now be a sub-group of WAVIT to allow its members to continue to grow their network in the world of digital signage and beyond.

“The digital signage landscape has changed dramatically since we founded Women of Digital Signage five years ago. Digital signage has grown to be a much larger part of the ProAV industry, and having Women of Digital Signage as a sub-group of WAVIT just makes sense,” adds Megan A. Dutta, director of emerging markets at THE rAVe Agency and co-founder of both Women of Digital Signage and WAVIT. “Members of both organizations will benefit from the networking, mentoring, and growth opportunities this acquisition will provide.”

WAVIT was officially launched on Jan. 17, 2023.

“I have served as a member of the Advisory Board of Women of Digital Signage since its inception, and it’s clear to me that there is a strong synergy between the two groups,” states Brandy Alvarado-Miranda, a founding member of both boards. “WAVIT is looking to create strategic alliances with similar organizations, and this is the first step in creating a wider, stronger network of like-minded supporters. I’m looking forward to doing great work together.”

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