Watchfire Signs Releases Software Updates

The latest updates to Ignite OPx have added new ways to schedule content and simplify the user experience

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Watchfire Signs, a manufacturer of on-premise LED signs, digital billboards, and video scoreboards, announces updates to its Ignite OPx content management software. The software features a new user interface and process for creating, scheduling, and updating content, and more scheduling options.

Ignite OPx is a content creation and management software that allows users to add animations and graphics to messages. According to the company, the latest updates have added new ways to schedule content and simplify the user experience.

“Our internal teams use Ignite OPx to manage a variety of Watchfire and customer-owned display networks. The user experience is as important to us as it is to our customers. Updates like improved content and scheduling editors help make the work of managing signs easier and more efficient,” says Brian Huber, Watchfire’s creative team manager.

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