Vanguard Digital Printing Mourns the Loss of Founding Partner Jim Case

David Cich and Jim Peterson were the other two founding partners, and Cich had worked with Case at CET Color.

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Suwanee, Georgia-based wide-format digital printer manufacturer Vanguard Digital Printing Systems announces the passing of Jim Case, one of three founding partners of the company.

Case died Sept. 26, 2018.

In a press release announcing his death, the company called Case “a larger-than-life figure who brought his remarkable passion, energy and experience to the large format industry. Through his drive and desire to be the best, Jim helped shape (Vanguard) into the award-winning manufacturer it is today.”

Dave Cich, majority owner and president of Vanguard, wrote, “Jim was a friend, marketing genius, customer advocate, mentor, top sales contributor and key business partner. I cannot say just how much we will miss him.”

Case came to Vanguard from CET Color, where he was East Coast sales director under Cich. Case, along with Cich and the other founding partner, Jim Peterson, left CET Color to form Vanguard Digital Printing Systems in 2015. Together they made Vanguard very successful, with three 2018 SGIA Product of the Year Awards, giving them five total over the last three years. These successes were definitely a result of Case’s sustained contributions in design, marketing and sales efforts, the company says.

The company wrote, “His greatest love, however, was for his wife, Robin, his family and close friends. Our hearts go out to them and all who were touched by his extraordinary gifts.”

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