The Marlin Co. Wins Patent for Workplace Digital Signage

The Marlin Co's digital content library was awarded this patent.

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Wallingford, Connecticut-based The Marlin Co., a digital signage company-originally founded in 1913-that now focuses exclusively on the workplace environment, announces that it has been awarded a patent for its content library.

“Content is at the heart of what makes workplace digital signage effective,” says Frank Kenna III, president and CEO of The Marlin Company. “It needs to be relevant, engaging and fresh which means that both quality and quantity are important. We focus exclusively on the workplace and understand that our users wear many hats. Whether they are in HR, Operations or Communications, they need a simple way to post content. Our content management software makes it easy for users to post in-house messages and we’re the only digital signage company to provide industry-specific content with our solution. The content library offers another option to add visual impact and drive engagement.”

The patent was awarded for a method developed by the company that allows users to access a comprehensive database of video content that is searchable by keyword and easily displayed on digital signage screens. The content is industry-specific and addresses workplace issues related to compliance, performance, culture and morale.

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