Principal LED Introduces Portable Sanitizer

San Angelo, Texas-based LED signage module manufacturer Principal LED has introduced the launch of what it calls its SterilLED brand, which will debut with the company’s newly developed UVC Portable Sanitizer.

The company says it developed the brand to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with the human tragedies caused by the virus, it has led to a critical shortage of personal protection equipment (PPE) and cleaning supplies in certain parts of the country. “It is evident that innovative sanitation methods are crucial as we approach a new phase of this crisis and begin to restart our economy,” the company says in its announcement.

The UVC Portable Sanitizer is a commercial-grade ultraviolet germicidal irradiation device that emits a high-power, 275 nm light that neutralizes the RNA and DNA of harmful microorganisms in seconds, the company says.

The company says its primary target for the devices are medical facilities, but it is—to again quote the statement—”offering these to you, our sign partners, at second priority. We know many of you are essential businesses and we want to help keep you and your staff safe and working.”

Among the items the sanitizer works on, the company says, are:

  • Safety supplies and PPE
  • Incoming and outgoing mail and packages
  • Documents
  • Credit/debit cards
  • Cell phones, keys, and other personal property
  • Tools (including medical equipment)
  • Work surfaces 
  • Keyboards

To review the technical manual Principal LED has put together for the device, click here.

For information on purchasing the device, click here.

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