Gerber Partners with Body Armor Company on Face Shields

Gerber Technology, which makes products serving a variety of industries including sign and graphics, announces a partnership with Hardwire LLC, a manufacturer of protective armor, to produce face shields for medical professionals and first responders.

With Gerber’s help, Hardwire is adding two new cutting machines and software to their existing multi-ply cutting systems, allowing them to produce tens of thousands of face shields per day.

“Within 24 hours of our first discussion with the Hardwire team, we had launched the production of the new machines,” says Mohit Uberoi, CEO of Gerber Technology. “We have a dedicated team organized to rapidly respond to requests to expand PPE production at existing PPE manufacturers as well as convert apparel and other manufacturers to PPE production with the technology, support and services they need.”

Hardwire has been manufacturing armor systems for military, law enforcement, municipalities, private business, consumers, and school systems for two decades.

“Without Gerber machines in our factory, there is no way we could have made multiple face shield PPE prototypes, fielded versions in the (Intensive Care Units) of two hospitals, optimized the design using comments from doctors and nurses, and scaled to more than 7,000 units per day in production in under a week,” said George Tunis, CEO of Hardwire. “As we continue to increase toward 100,000 units per day to protect our front-line nurses, doctors, caregivers, and first responders, Gerber will be central to our efforts. I have never felt more blessed by digital technology, a machine, and a company that works.”

Gerber installed two new Paragon multi-ply cutting solutions with its trademarked CutWorks software and added CutWorks to its existing machines in just a matter of weeks, Hardwire says.

Gerber says it has created a PPE Task Force to help companies increase their production or transition into producing PPE by sharing best practices, offering support, and providing resources such as pattern data, cut files, markers, and tech packs for masks, technical suits, gowns and caps as well as sign and graphics templates such as labels.

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