S&S Activewear Goes Solar, Launches Make an Imprint Program

Apparel company to add solar panels to its facilities

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S&S Activewear, a supplier of imprintable apparel accessories, announces an initiative to install solar panels on its facilities across the country. 

With help from local officials and staff, the apparel wholesaler has turned five of its warehouses into renewable energy sources for the surrounding communities, most recently being its newest 750,000-square-foot LEED-certified warehouse in Lockport, Illinois. According to the company, this facility is its most sustainable, adhering to environmental standards, including water refilling stations, recycling bins, and reusing packing boxes to reduce cardboard waste.

“There’s no question consumers across all end markets expect their supply chains to be more environmentally focused,” says S&S COO Frank Myers. “A new generation of buyers means that people are more focused on knowing their hard-earned dollars are being spent on something they know was made, distributed, and sold responsibly.”

The new solar program is part of their overall Make An Imprint initiative, the goal of which is to help build a better path forward for local communities across the country and the environment.

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