S&S Activewear Announces Leadership Transition

President Frank Myers becomes CEO as Jim Shannon transitions to vice chairman

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S&S Activewear (S&S), a North American wholesaler of apparel and accessories, announces that effective Nov. 1, the current president, Frank Myers, will be named chief executive officer as Jim Shannon transitions from his role as CEO to vice chairman of its board of directors.

“Frank is a seasoned executive. His breadth of experience makes him the ideal candidate for overseeing S&S’s next chapter, and I believe there is no one better fit to handle this position,” says Shannon. “With Frank’s leadership and the combined expertise of the executive team, S&S will continue to provide excellent service to our customers, leading the company into the future.”

Myers joined S&S in 2009 and was named president last year after serving as chief financial officer and chief operating officer. According to the company, he has played an integral role in its nationwide expansion and acquisition strategy over the past decade and has supported Shannon in key company decisions. Myers and the leadership team are said to have been instrumental in guiding the company through the pandemic, ensuring S&S retained all of its employees during that difficult period.

“I feel humbled to be representing such an amazing company and team,” states Myers. “I’m grateful to lead a company with such talented and dedicated employees, and I’m very proud of what we’ve built together over the years.”

Myers was quick to note that business strategies and operational leadership at S&S are not changing. His major initiatives are to continue the company’s relationship-first approach and ensure everyone – employees, customers, and vendors – works collaboratively to achieve growth.

“As we move forward, we will remain committed to the values and principles that have served us well in the past,” explains Myers. “I believe that maintaining our key relationships and focusing on collaboration will help us achieve our goals more efficiently and effectively.”

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In addition to Myers’ promotion, the company also announced the addition of Christopher Kodosky as chief financial officer.

Myers will lead the business alongside veterans Keith Shannon (chief revenue officer) and Brian Beale (chief technology officer) as well as newly hired executives Joy Kelly (chief human resources officer) and Christopher Kodosky (chief financial officer).

“We are thankful for Jim’s stewardship of S&S Activewear. Jim and his team have built a formidable business with multiple layers of sustainable advantage,” states John Compton, operating partner at CD&R and chairman of the board. “We are equally excited to announce the appointment of Frank Myers to CEO and a member of the board of directors. Frank has a distinguished track record of success, and we look forward to partnering with him and his team for future growth.”

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