Sportsman Cap & Bag Commemorates Partnership With Flexfit

Founded in 1974, Flexfit celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

flexfit sportsman cap & bag
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Sportsman Cap & Bag, a provider of headwear solutions, commemorated its enduring partnership with Flexfit, a headwear brand, as Flexfit celebrates its 50th-anniversary milestone.

Flexfit, known for its use of stretchable fabric in headbands and crowns since 1994, was founded in 1974.

“As one of our original and long-standing partners, we are proud to celebrate Flexfit’s remarkable 50-year journey,” said Dan Saferstein, Sportsman Cap & Bag president & CEO. “Their dedication to thoughtful design and uncompromised craftsmanship is the reason Flexfit began as, and continues to be, one of our top-selling brands.”

To mark the significant milestone, Flexfit is showcasing a selection of its best-selling caps with Sportsman Cap & Bag.

“With a shared dedication to providing unparalleled quality and performance, Sportsman Cap & Bag looks forward to embarking on the next chapter with Flexfit and witnessing the innovations that will shape the future of headwear for generations to come,” stated Sportsman Cap & Bag.

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