SGP Expands its Sustainability Certification

The expansion seeks to establish a closed-loop program for the printing industry


The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), an authority in sustainable printing certifications, announces the release of version 4.0 revised criteria of its sustainability certification, which was first established in 2008. The new criteria maintain a focus on the three pillars — societal, economic, and environmental — through the development, implementation, and documentation of a robust sustainability management system (SMS) and series of best practices. The criteria will be effective Jan. 1, 2022.

Revised every five years, SGP’s certification criteria establishes certified facilities as leaders in the sustainable supply chain for print and related supplies. According to the company, the SGP Board of Directors approved version 4.0 which further streamlines the criteria, as well as includes provisions pushing the circular economy model. With a circular approach, the company says the certification makes SGP facilities one of the strongest parts of a sustainable supply chain. It says criteria focus on validation and documentation of operational metrics help facilities contribute to their customers’ sustainability goals.

“This revision represents the program’s continued commitment to moving the sustainability needle in the print sector. Now, facilities will be required to discuss possible end-of-life strategies with not only their supply base but their customer base as well. It is our biggest step yet towards a circular economy model that offers clear documentation for leaders in the sustainable supply chain,” says Marci Kinter, SGP vice-chair, technical committee and PRINTING United Alliance representative. “Version 4.0 enhances its integration with the SGP Impact Tracker, the program’s sustainability dashboard, to promote standardized metric reporting to help print customers their print production as optimized for sustainability.”

According to the company, version 4.0 continues SGP’s program goal of increasing sustainability in the print sector. The SGP certification criteria, in addition to the mandatory environmental, safety and health, and energy audits, now require a mandatory solid waste audit; increased emphasis on employment issues in the workplace; and a new management system requirement to review impacts of change in the facility.

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