ROQ.US Introduces #ROQTogether Movement to Encourage Diversity and Inclusion 


Screen printing technology manufacturer ROQ.US unveils #ROQTogether, a collective movement to inspire, encourage, implement, and embrace diversity and inclusion within the apparel industry and beyond. The campaign aims to bring a variety of voices throughout the decorated apparel industry to the forefront.

The vision expands on the mission of the #WomenROQ movement and Facebook Group launched last year, celebrating and supporting the women who continue to lead and innovate the apparel field.

The company and its partners introduce the #ROQTogether movement and corresponding pledge for companies to participate in and have more meaningful conversations around crucial topics. Involvement is voluntary, but ROQ.US says the #ROQTogether mission requires ongoing and active participation for those who want to play their part. To better understand real experiences by leaders in the apparel decoration field, it invites any who seek to unite efforts and resources to make the apparel space more reflective, more inviting, and accessible for all who desire to be a part of it.

ROQ.US president Ross Hunter explains, “ROQ.US was founded in February 2020 ahead of the largest pandemic in modern times. Shortly after starting up and experiencing the first impacts of COVID-19, we all experienced events which would forever again highlight the diversity, equity, and inclusion issues that regrettably are rampant in our country and around the world. We sought out members of the ROQ.US family, including our partners, vendors, and larger network to better understand how we, as a company, could begin to inspire positive change. We decided to do this live through our ROQ Shop Talk Podcast by interviewing multiple business owners within the garment decorating field, which was extremely emotional and reflective on our industry. We came out of this podcast with a clearer mission and direction on what our next steps should be.”

Hunter continues, “We began by organizing all of our thoughts and creating a diversity, equity, and inclusion team in our company, comprised of team members and partners. That led to a lot of self-reflection through reading recommended books and watching insightful documentaries as a group. We were able to come together through learning and self-identifying how we could all personally be a part of a healing change and create an initiative to greater impact our industry and community.”

With the #ROQTogether pledge, ROQ.US and its partners ask printers, vendors, and community leaders to “take a pledge with us to end systemic racism, provide a seat at the table to all people, and create a better future for our industry and communities worldwide,” adds Hunter.

For more information on the cause and a list of ROQ.US’ partners, visit 

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