Roland DGA Begins Sales and Support of DIMENSE Products

DIMENSE will be available through select authorized Roland DGA resellers in North and South America.

Roland DGA
(Image courtesy Roland DGA)

Roland DGA Corporation, a manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers, printer/cutters, and other digital devices, announces that it has started sales and support for DIMENSE, a large-format digital printing solution with three-dimensional embossing.

DIMENSE, which is developed and manufactured by DG DIMENSE, a new joint venture established in Lithuania in October 2023, will be available through select authorized Roland DGA resellers in North and South America.

The DIMENSE solution consists of the Dimensor S inkjet printer combined with special media that has the property of foaming when heated, a structured ink to control that foaming, and CMYK water-based ink that is safe for indoor use. After printing, the media is heated by the printer’s on-board heater, which causes areas not coated with structure ink to foam up to 1.5 mm thick, creating the envisioned textured design.

“The Dimensor S printer offers an exciting creative breakthrough in the creation of wallcoverings and interior design elements. The textural and dimensional effects it produces are not only visually stunning, they also have incredible tactile appeal like the industry has never seen before,” says Roland DGA Vice President of New Market and Business Development Dave Edmondson. “You can also paint over the embossed output from the Dimensor S with commonly available paints to create additional artistic effects.”

DG DIMENSE Dimensor S Printer with application images
(Images courtesy Roland DGA)

Edmondson is also quick to point out the potential for substantial growth of digitally printed wallpaper in the interior design market. “At present, less than five percent of wallpaper printing has been digitalized. However, we expect demand for this new way to create wallpaper to increase significantly over the coming years,” he notes. “More and more people are seeking ways to create highly unique and innovative spaces in commercial facilities, offices, and residences. We see digital printing – including the revolutionary technologies of DG DIMENSE – as the leading advanced technology to help these customers turn their visions into reality.”

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