Pixblasters Announces New Firmware Updates

The updates enable real-time control of video LED displays built by addressable LED strips

(Image courtesy Pixblasters)

Pixblasters, an LED display electronics manufacturer, announces the release of new firmware updates for its Pixblasters MS1 Video LED Controller, which enables control of video LED displays built by addressable LED strips.

The new firmware update applies to all Pixblasters MS1 Video LED Controller boards currently deployed in the field and includes:

  • Full support for video control of 4-wire RGB LEDs with separated DATA and CLK digital inputs
  • When used in this control mode, the controller supports 16 outputs
  • Video installations with more than 16,384 LEDs can be synchronously controlled by multiple and chained controllers
  • Improved Pixblasters 3-wire RGB LED support
  • Mirroring and padding functions are fully implemented

The firmware updates bring new FPGA LED controllers (ver. 107) available to download free of charge.

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