Penn Emblem Donates 6,000 Masks to Schools

Penn Emblem Masks
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In March of this year, Penn Emblem Company, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was forced to pivot abruptly with the rest of the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With non-essential businesses shut down, Penn Emblem’s primary responsibility was to serve its essential customers with products they could deliver to life-sustaining industries like hospitals, grocery stores, and factories. In response, the company added reusable, adjustable masks and standard, disposable masks to its list of offerings. 

It quickly became apparent that Penn Emblem would need to shift gears again as the need for masks rose. With businesses closed and school years derailed, the company wanted to ensure students returned to a safe environment.

Young Scholars

Paul Robeson
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Penn Emblem donated a total of 6,000 masks to the students, families, and faculties of Paul Robeson Charter School in Trenton, New Jersey, and Young Scholars Charter School in Philadelphia. Each school received 3,000 masks.

Both schools enroll traditionally underserved low-income students. Their mission is to provide an education that challenges, inspires, and prepares less fortunate students for college and beyond through a committed community, thoughtful experiences, and strong culture.

“We were blessed to have the equipment and the manpower to provide essential masks at such a critical time in our lives. Thankful and grateful,” says Penn Emblem president, Randi Blumenthal. “All our children have seen the world change in a short period of time; if we could provide safety masks for the families and the less fortunate children, it’s one less thing for all to worry about. ”

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