Orbus Visual Communications Announces Rebrand of Ultima Displays Canada

The provider is now officially rebranded as Orbus Visual Communications Canada

orbus visual communications

Orbus Visual Communications, a North American producer and manufacturer of visual communications solutions, announces that Ultima Displays Canada, is now officially rebranded as Orbus Visual Communications Canada, effective immediately.

“Orbus Visual Communications is more than just a new name; it represents the dedication to delivering comprehensive visual communication solutions that go beyond exhibits and displays,” states the company. “The name change also aligns with that of Orbus in the U.S. and signifies the strength and breadth of range and service across North America.”

Accompanying this rebrand, Orbus Visual Communications Canada will have a new website. Two new product lines, MODify retail merchandising system and blaze SEG light boxes, will be officially introduced and available in Canada as well.

“We are thrilled to unveil the rebranding of Ultima Displays Canada to Orbus Visual Communications Canada, along with the introduction of our new website and groundbreaking new products,” says Tina Vedovat, president of Orbus Visual Communications Canada, “These initiatives support our commitment to delivering innovative and impactful visual communication solutions that resonate with our clients.”

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