Onyx Graphics Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Onyx says it was the first to introduce RIP software specifically for wide-format printing back in 1989.

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Onyx Graphics marks its 30th anniversary on Jan. 28. The company’s origins date back to 1989 when it released its first version of wide-format specific RIP software.

“We’re incredibly proud of our heritage and entrepreneurial spirit as the first commercial wide- and grand-format print software company,” says Kevin Murphy, CEO of Onyx Graphics. “Between our in-house development teams and color scientists, along with close relationships with our worldwide customer base, Onyx Graphics has the unique position of continually driving innovation across the industry– something we’re looking forward to sustaining for the next 30 years.”

Since the late 1980s, the Utah-based company has grown its reputation as a worldwide brand with customers in countries like Brazil, China, and England. Onyx’s product offerings have grown as well, including business intelligence tools with actual costs to improve print shop profitability, RIP and print workflow solutions, as well as color engines for improved color output.

“In 1989, the teams at Onyx Graphics united in a vision to provide fast, efficient print solutions with outstanding color, which has always been at the company’s core,” the company says. “Since then, ONYX solutions have become the industry standard for entire print environments, known for outstanding color, automated workflows and superior output that can be proven to print buyers.”

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