OEKO-TEX Updates Guidelines for 2020

Research and testing organization OEKO-TEX unveils new textile and leather regulations for 2020. 

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oeko tex
oeko tex

ZURICH, Switzerland-Research and testing organization OEKO-TEX unveils new textile and leather regulations for 2020. The foundation says the new rules are “in line with consistent consumer protection” and the sustainability of these products.

Of the changes, the company says it’s now expanded its MADE IN GREEN label, initially implemented in textiles, to cover leather goods that have been tested and certified.

“This ensures that consumers can also track leather goods such as clothing, shoes, or furniture using a unique product ID or the specific QR code on the label to learn which countries and production facilities the article was produced in,” the organization says in a press announcement. To ensure compliance with the organization’s required criteria, OEKO-TEX also conducts on-site audits of production facilities with a trained team. The MADE IN GREEN category is also classified by Greenpeace as one of the most stringent labels on the market, according to OEKO-TEX.

The foundation says it’s also made additions to its limit value catalog, adding substances such as N-nitrosamines, N-nitrosables, and herbicide glyphosate. Additionally, OEKO-TEX says it’s continuing to monitor and observe new materials, including dyes, pesticides, and compounds, to assess human and environmental impacts.

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