Nazdar Adds QR Codes to Products

Customers can scan the QR codes with a mobile device to access the technical datasheet for each Nazdar ink product

QR codes
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Nazdar Ink Technologies announces it has added QR codes to the labels of the majority of its products, allowing customers to access information about its offerings.

According to the company, almost all Nazdar ink products now carry QR codes, which, when scanned by customers using a mobile device, allows them to view the full technical datasheet about each Nazdar ink. These technical datasheets carry core information about the inks, such as the type of substrates the inks can be used with, how they should be stored, and the potential applications they can be used to produce, in addition to safety and regulatory information.

Bruce Ridge, director of technical service at Nazdar, says this change will allow customers to quickly access the information they need to ensure the inks are operating at maximum potential and are achieving the desired output.

“The QR codes are useful for customers that need product use information quickly,” remarks Ridge. “We do have this information on our website, but that requires some navigation to view – whereas the QR codes make this technical data instantly accessible.”

According to Nazdar, the inspiration for the new codes came from technician JR Bennett. He suggested the idea after taking part in specialist training sessions with wide-format manufacturer Roland DG, having seen that the manufacturer already provided QR codes on its own product labeling.

“Most of the products we make have detailed technical datasheets on the use of the products, and the QR codes allow our customers to access these support documents quickly,” adds Ridge. “For many of the inks, the QR code gets you to the technical datasheet, user guides, and color cards. It just makes things easier for our end-user customers.”

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