Mimaki OEM Inks Obtain 3M Performance Guarantee

The four approved inks include those used in Mimaki eco-solvent and UV roll-based printers


Mimaki USA, a manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutters, announces that 3M has approved four Mimaki OEM inks available for JV100-160 and UJV100-160Plus (also UJV100-160) printers for inclusion in 3M’s Performance Guarantee program.

The 3M Performance Guarantee gives customers the knowledge that 3M digital graphic films have been put through mechanical and physical tests to ensure they will perform throughout the warranted period, throughout the digital printing process, and for a specified period of time after application, and work with the Mimaki OEM inks listed.

Two Mimaki OEM inks compatible with the JV100-160 eco-solvent printer and two Mimaki OEM inks compatible with the UJV100-160Plus and UJV100-160 UV-curable printers have received the 3M Performance Guarantee:

  • JV100-160 printer: SS21 and AS5 eco-solvent inks
  • UJV100-160Plus & UJV100-160 printers: LUS-170 and LUS-210 UV inks

According to Mimaki, the inclusion of this expanded range of its products in the 3M Performance Guarantee program further reinforces the cooperation between the two companies, providing its customers with even greater confidence in quality and durability when using products and solutions provided by both manufacturers.

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