Marshall Atkinson Releases New Production Tracker App

The app allows print shops to automate and visualize their production data

Workflow and decorated apparel industry consultant Marshall Atkinson teams up with no-code experts Grid to bring print shops a tool for gathering, graphing, and understanding their daily production data.

Atkinson says the Production Tracker app will allow print businesses to jump into their data and make production decisions and changes to optimize efficiency. Previously, shops would have to manually track production data with a paper form and enter KPIs into a spreadsheet or pivot table.

“Now, this happens all in real-time and can be accessed live,” says Atkinson. “This is the speedometer for your shop floor that is so truly needed. They say you can’t manage what you don’t measure, and now that is even easier for shops to build better controls in their shop.”

Production Tracker Dashboard (Image courtesy Marshall Atkinson)

Udit Poddar, CEO of Grid and the team responsible for the development of the app, adds, “We’ve been working in multiple industries and (with) over 5,000 users around the globe to solve the challenges of operational data collection and management. Operational excellence is always a result of expertise and speed of information discovery. We are excited to combine our technology and Marshall Atkinson’s expertise to launch Production Tracker for decorators around the globe and bring no-code digitization to the industry.”

According to Wikipedia, “No-code development platform allow programmers and non-programmers to create application software through graphical user interfaces and configuration instead of traditional computer programming.”

The Production Tracker app is free for the first month, and the team at Grid will assist shops in onboarding and setup. The basic plan is $50 per month and is available for one admin and up to thirty daily users to track progress and work.

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