Mactac Unveils New Branding for Spinnaker Coating

The new Spinnaker brand incorporates the visual identity of Mactac

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Mactac, a LINTEC company and supplier of pressure-sensitive adhesives, announces a new look and company name for Spinnaker Coating LLC, which was acquired by Mactac in early 2022.

A standalone subsidiary of Mactac, Spinnaker Coating LLC has been rebranded as Spinnaker Pressure Sensitive Products LLC. The rebrand includes a new logo and visual identity that is said to align with the Mactac and LINTEC brands.

“The refreshed branding reflects the future of the Spinnaker business and creates visual unity between Spinnaker, Mactac, and LINTEC,” says Ed LaForge, Mactac president and CEO.

Spinnaker’s new look

According to the company, the new brand incorporates the visual identity of Mactac and it maintains the Spinnaker blue color (in a darker shade) to show linkage and synergy to LINTEC.

“The logo is built around a circular globe that symbolizes labelstocks embracing a world in constant motion,” says Brittany Eppley, Mactac corporate marketing communications manager. “Like the Mactac logo, it is a dynamic, open sphere that adds movement and energy to convey a daily drive and ambition toward the future of the company and product innovation.”

“Together, Spinnaker, Mactac, and LINTEC, along with Duramark Products, another recent Mactac acquisition, are creating a new age in pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs),” says LaForge. “It’s an exciting time for the industry.”

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