Kirkwood Joins Fair Labor Association

The company is now a member of the FLA Collegiate Licensee Program.

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Kirkwood, a provider of printing, packaging, large format, and promotional product solutions, announced its membership with the Fair Labor Association (FLA) Collegiate Licensee Program, a pivotal step in championing responsible and resilient practices in global supply chains.

FLA members are dedicated to making a tangible difference in the lives of workers across the globe. By identifying and addressing labor issues — as well as implementing systems to prevent violations of labor standards — FLA members uphold the rights of workers in global supply chains. Through collaboration and innovation, FLA members contribute to creating fair and just working environments.

Participation in the FLA Collegiate Licensee Program is said to be a testament to Kirkwood’s commitment to upholding rigorous standards and improving working conditions for workers who produce goods bearing collegiate names and logos. The program provides training, tools, resources, and platform access to enhance social compliance and increase transparency within collegiate supply chains.

“Kirkwood’s collaboration with FLA reaffirms our commitment to sustainability and ethical standards,” expressed Will Winship, partner at Kirkwood. “As we join forces with FLA, we eagerly embrace the challenges of promoting responsible supply chains, poised to lead transformative change. With FLA as our ally and sleeves rolled up, we’re not merely disrupting norms — we’re igniting a sustainable revolution.”

The FLA Collegiate Licensee Program requires adherence to various criteria, including annual membership renewal, quarterly e-learning requirements, workplace standards commitments, factory or intermediary disclosures, and participation in fair labor investigations. Regular updates and reports ensure accountability and progress towards meeting these requirements.

“Joining FLA signifies Kirkwood’s commitment to promoting social compliance within collegiate product supply chains,” stated Mark Nappa, CSO at Kirkwood. “By increasing awareness of labor rights risks and providing training to mitigate those risks, we strive to create a more sustainable and ethical manufacturing ecosystem.”

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