Johnson Plastics Plus Hosts Webinar on Pricing Sublimated Projects

JPP sublimation

Johnson Plastics Plus hosts a webinar titled Unlock your Earning Potential with Our Pricing Strategies for Personalized Sublimated Projects. The session takes place on June 30 at 11 a.m. ET.

The company’s digital print sales representative Karli Parsell hosts the webinar and dives into how sublimation producers can set pricing for personalized items. She’ll share pricing strategies and ideas on how to maximize profits and sell more products. Topics for the session include:

  • Ink, paper, and product costs
  • Pricing and cost analysis for sublimation printers (Including a free pricing tool)
  • The key for pricing: what it costs to produce an item to sell and how to raise the perceived value to create a higher markup
  • Overview of Sawgrass and Epson small-format sublimation printers
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