JDS Industries Gives Blood for Local Community

This is the fourth time the company hosted a blood drive. 

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JDS Industries blood drive
JDS Industries blood drive

The JDS Industries family of employees sticks to its tradition of giving back to the community by hosting its fourth blood drive. The drive took place on July 23 for the Community Blood Bank.

Cheryl Loban, communications specialist at JDS, says there have been 89 donations since the first company-hosted blood drive in September 2018. Of those donations made, there’s been an average of roughly 20 people donating per drive.

“The blood donated stays within the community, ensuring the supply is always there if our families, friends, and neighbors should need it,” Loban adds. “How great is it that you can take a little break from your workday and save a life at the same time? We at JDS are proud to support the programs and organizations that make life better for so many and look forward to the next opportunity to help out!”

According to a release from the company, the 20 donations from the latest drive resulted in 60 saved lives.

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