JDS Industries Celebrates Earth Day

Employees at the JDS Industries Sioux Falls location worked together to clean up the area outside the facility. 

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JDS Industries Sioux Falls Earth Day
JDS industries

Sioux Falls, South Dakota-based JDS Industries employees took time out of their workday on Earth Day – which was Monday, April 22 – to participate in what the company says was its “first annual” spring cleanup day.

“JDS employees have always cared about the company and are very proud of their workplace,” states Cheryl Loban of JDS Industries. “After a long winter when employees saw that there was some upkeep needed around the building, they were quick to volunteer.”

Employees worked in 30-minute shifts raking, sweeping, pulling weeds, and picking up trash around the company’s headquarters. In all, about 20 JDS Industries Sioux Falls employees from all areas of the company helped out.

“It was a great team-building event that allowed our staff to work together in a different way,” Loban elaborates. “It makes a difference to come to work and the landscape looks great.”

JDS Industries intends to have this event on Earth Day again next year.

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