InkSoft Integrates with ShipStation and SendGrid

InkSoft announces full integration with ShipStation, web-based shipping software that streamlines order fulfillment, as well as SendGrid, an email delivery service provider. 

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inksoft shipstation and sendgrid
inksoft shipstation and sendgrid

TEMPE, Ariz.-InkSoft announces full integration with ShipStation, web-based shipping software that streamlines order fulfillment. The company says ShipStaition helps online retailers maintain orders “wherever they sell and however they ship.”

inksoft intergrates with shipstation“This integration will save time, increase accuracy, and save money on shipping costs for InkSoft’s high-volume customers,” InkSoft says in a press release.  “Now when an order is generated within InkSoft, the shipping details are automatically sent to the ShipStation account.”

The integration also allows users to print wirelessly and control settings from a mobile app that works with both iOS and Android devices.

inksoft adds sendgridIn addition, InkSoft partners with SendGrid, an email delivery service provider, to ensure that customers have the highest levels of security and email deliverability. This provider will handle email transactions, which include order confirmations, account creation confirmations, approvals, invoices, and proposals.

The SendGrid integration is automatic with no action required by InkSoft users.

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