Idealliance’s Southeast Asia Branch Certifies 18 G7 Experts

Idealliance is making a concerted effort to take its G7 certification program worldwide.

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Idealliance wants people around the world to have the chance to become G7 certified
Idealliance wants people around the world to have the chance to become G7 certified

The Alexandria, Virginia-based International Digital Enterprise Alliance, better known as Idealliance, announces that its Southeast Asia branch recently hosted G7 training in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, at an Idealliance G7 Master Qualified Facility, which the nonprofit says is also one of the leading brand packaging and printing facilities in Vietnam, serving global clients.

The nonprofit says that 18 participants received hands-on experience implementing and managing G7 workflows utilizing the latest cutting edge print technology and systems, and were certified as Idealliance G7 experts. The 18 who earned certification now have the expertise to support their print supply chain and are considered leading experts in the field of color management and print production optimization, according to Idealliance.

“It was wonderful to be back in Vietnam, a country that is thriving with growth and where the culture is so warm and welcoming. We are deeply grateful to Printing No. 7 JSC, a G7 Master Qualified Facility-Colorspace company, a world class brand service provider for hosting the training. They have an incredible facility and top of the line equipment and staff. We serve many in Vietnam and it was really wonderful to be back there and spend time with service providers, world class brands and OEMs that we serve throughout the region, not to mention all the students and faculty we support at University of Technical Education (UTE) Ho Chi Minh City,” says Tim Baechle, CEO of Idealliance. “We thank them as well for hosting an introductory training day, which they stated was going to be a smaller type event and 200 people showed up. Vietnam is the market to watch and is why Idealliance is so dedicated to this region and also because there is incredible thirst for knowledge in Vietnam. Innovation and education is the fuel that is driving this country. If you are a brand, you should absolutely consider doing business in Vietnam. The quality and access to world class facilities is exceptional.”

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